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We've done it! Book Series Finder has officially reached over 1000 books and 150 series, and this is just the beginning. It is our commitment to keep adding more and more series to provide you the most complete collection of series available. All to help you find that next book or new series to enjoy. We hope you'll continue to stick with us, and check out all the new things we have in store. There are a lot of improvements on the way, including some changes to the random series generator we think you'll enjoy.

Also, to celebrate this milestone we wanted to take a moment to spotlight a few of our favorite series:

  1. The Passage by Justin Cronin

  2. The Passage Trilogy, written by Justin Cronin, is a masterpiece of horror and an epic tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by truly terrifying vampire-like creatures. With engaging characters and a story that doesn't let up you'll have a hard time putting this series down.

  3. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

  4. Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series is a stand-out in the world of fantasy. Sanderson builds up an amazing world with its own unique magic system known as Allomancy, where certain people can use powers based on ingesting different kinds of metals. With a vast cast of characters with their own quirky personalities, you'll quickly get pulled into the world Sanderson creates, and the twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  5. Redwall by Brian Jacques

  6. Brian Jacques' Redwall series has been inspiring imaginations for years with his fantastic world of anthropomorphic animals. Jacques' descriptive language vividly brings the world these animals live in to life, and you can almost smell the flowers and taste the food he describes, and the wild adventures his characters become involved in will have you happily diving in again and again to see what happens next.

We hope you'll take a chance on checking these series out, and check back again for more series suggestions.

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