An Introduction To Book Series Finder

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Thank you for checking out I created this site for one reason: I wanted an easy way to find out if a book was part of a series, and if so, what book comes next.

I hope as you use this site you find it easy to find that next book in the series you've been reading. You may even discover that a book you've read is part of a series and you had no idea it was!

If you're a fan of a particular author, and wonder if they've written any other series, just look up the author in our Author Search and find other series they may have written.

Have you ever been suggested a series by name, but don't know the name of any books in the series? Then feel free to check out our Series Search!

Also, if you ever feel like finding a random series to read, the Random Series Page is sure to give you some interesting suggestions!

Please enjoy looking around the site, and if you like it make sure to bookmark the page for easy book and series lookups. Also, if you have any suggestions leave us a comment through our Contact page.

Thank you, and enjoy!